War of the Burning Sky

Act II [Scene 4]: "The Safe House"

Torrentguides the party to a nearby temple of the Order of the Aquiline Cross, a gathering place for resistance members. The temple is packed with at least a hundred nervous people, all squeezed into a 40-foot circular prayer chamber and adjacent rooms. Many are nervously relating rumors of how the battle at the main gates is going. Priests tend to the wounded, their healing capability all but expended.

Torrentleads the heroes to an ornate door behind the altar area and opens it. Stairs leading down into a crypt are guarded by two large half-orcs. The underground area contains supplies and weapons for the resistance. Rivereye, coughing almost non-stop, is taken to the infirmary.

Resistance members guide the party to a small room with sleeping pallets. They are then given an opportunity to take an extended rest.



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