War of the Burning Sky

Act II [Scene 3]: "Fallen Devil"

The streets are nearly empty as most of the citizens have sought shelter. The night is cold and the sky glows from the many fires still raging throughout the city. High above, the screech of battle fills the air as the Gate Pass griffon riders clash with Ragesian wyverns.

Looking up, you see the shape of a bat-winged creature collide with a griffon and both combatants flip from the impact, nearly throwing their riders off as they fall towards the ground. Somehow the griffon rider recovers and turns west towards the battle, but the other creature plummets into the roof of a low building directly in front of your path.

For a few seconds an eerie calm surrounds the building. Then a woman’s scream echoes down the street and suddenly stops, followed by the cry of a child. The party moves to investigate. With the wyvern dead, the rider has killed a woman and taken an infant hostage. When confronted, Flaganus thrusts the child in front of him and clumsily places his axe blade across the child’s throat. With a choking, slightly gurgling voice, he demands that the heroes let him leave.

The party refuses, and Flaganus cuts the child’s throat. “Right, then,” he proclaims raising his battleaxe in defiance, “at least my mates won’t have to worry about you anymore.” The Ragesian foe is defeated, and the heroes hurrying to catch up with Torrentand Rivereye.



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