War of the Burning Sky

Act II [Scene 1]: "The Depository"

Torrent produces a key that allows the party to bypass the dwarf and orc guards, and the chaos of the city disappears as the party enters the depository tower. Unfortunately, a Shahalesti eladrin spy named Larionhas breached the highly secure building and now holds Rivereye captive. LarionLarionhas disguised himself to appear as Rivereyeand, upon seeing the group, heads down the ramp to greet them. He has no idea that Peppin is dead and assumes that Torrentis Peppin.

Larionaddresses Torrentas Peppin, inviting her to follow him, and the party ignores his error. He leads them to the second floor and pauses before a random locker to request the password. Rivereyehas convinced Larionthat the case they are after is trapped and only Peppin has the password to disable it. Torrentknows nothing about a password and explains that Peppin is not with them. When Larionrealizes that he will not get the password, he immediately flees to the third floor, and the wisp solon that accompanies him attacks. The solon is defeated, but Larionescapes.

After the fight, the guards order the party to yield their weapons. A search of the tower locates the unconscious guards and Rivereye. Awakened and unbound, the gnome notices Peppin’s signet ring and with some hesitation, asks for the code-phrase, which Torrent freely recites. Saddened to learn of Peppin’s recent demise, Rivereyehails the party as saviors and explains that Larionsent the case to a Shahalesti hideout.



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