War of the Burning Sky

Act I [Scene 3]: "The City Under Attack"

The streets fill with panicked people, and a battle begins on the nearby west wall. Townsfolk rush about putting out fires and seeking the shelter of temples, and soldiers hurry to their posts, slowed by the throng and chaos. All the while, bells ring urgent warnings up and down the mountain pass.

The mass of people surging about in near darkness makes travel difficult as the party heads for the rendezvous with Rivereye. Along the way, they offer aid to the wounded and attempt to save a women from a burning building. A block away from the gate that leads to the next district, the press of people fleeing eastward grows considerably, preventing exit from the western ward. Several party members are overcome with an irrational panic, fleeing through the crowd as the citizens flail and tear at each other in terror. Only the dragonborn maintains a sense of calm, and he notices a crimson, bat-winged shape the size of a house swooping through the sky overhead. As it passes out of view over other buildings, a surge of panicked screams rises along its path.

Finally regrouping on the other side of the gate, the party approaches the depository. just before arriving they help a well-dressed man finding his pet dire weasel Kiki and then arrive at the fenced compound.



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