War of the Burning Sky

Act I [Scene 2]: "The Ambush"

After Torrent’s presentation, the conversation turns to planning an escape from the city, and plans are made to forge travelpapers. When the bells of the city’s celebration abruptly fall silent, the creaking of floorboards is heard overhead. Bounty hunters have followed Torrent to the pub and are preparing to launch a two-pronged assault.

Bounty hunters storm the pub, urging the heroes to drop their weapons and come quietly. Hoping to pincer the party, the bounty hunters press the attack upstairs as a Ragesian bomb strikes the tavern with a deafening boom. The roof is consumed in flaming oil that sprays around like a fiery rain. Outside, a dark, daunting figure on horseback rides off into the night.

An arm band identifies the attackers as the memberr of the Black Horse bounty hunters. The bounty hunters are widely credited with the recent disappearances of several lesser magic-users. The citizens of Gate Pass, wary of arcane spellcasters since the death of Emperor Coaltongue, view the bounty hunters as a benevolent defense force, and the city guard tolerates their presence as a stabilizing influence amid the recent unrest.

After a short rest, Torrentsuggests that the party hurry to the meeting with Rivereye, concerned that the firebombing might cause him to flee the city.



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